One thing you can do to prevent conflicts, frustration and misunderstanding

I cannot help it! I have to share with you a little episode that happened to me just a week ago, and that served me as a great reminder of what NOT TO DO in communication (that is, if you want to prevent conflicts, frustrations and keep your relationships healthy)! :) I don’t know about you, but I certainly do!

How to be more influential

Making things happen in a complex organisation, especially when it involves many other people can be a challenge. Getting someone’s attention is hard enough let alone making them do things for you! No doubt you’re highly skilled with a wealth of experience and great ideas. That's an essential component of your success. The other critical part is your ability to positively influence others. There’s a few things that you can start doing today that will make you instantly more influential and help you make things happen in the world!


10 deadly sins of pitching your business - part 2

Today we'll discuss the deadly sin #2: Reacting badly to challenging questions or comments by the investors. Imagine this: you're passionate about your project, you've been working on it for a while and made a massive sacrifice to make it work. There's no doubt in your mind it can make a huge difference in the industry. You just gave your pitch and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. And now it comes: one of the investors starts making harsh comments, openly questioning the value of your business idea and asking you tough questions. How do you respond?