Love it or hate it?


Do you also have a love-hate relationship with selling? Let’s face it, knowing how to sell is crucial, even if the word ‘sales’ is not part of your job title. Whether asking your boss for a new headcount, presenting a new idea to your management or asking your partner to join you on a sightseeing trip to Afghanistan, you always sell! My latest article in the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine provides a few handy tips…

Make your presentation more memorable - part 1

In this information-overload age it’s increasingly difficult for people to stay focused on what you’re saying let alone remember it! If we don’t put extra effort into helping people remember our ideas, the likelihood is they won’t. And that’s a problem. Because we cannot expect people to act or to change their behaviour, if they cannot even remember what we said! If you want your ideas to persist, you need to make them memorable! 

What’s more important in a presentation, your style or your message?


Remember the last time that you were giving a presentation and had this nagging feeling that it wasn’t going all too well? Blank, unemotional stares from your listeners only confirmed your worst fears. Your point was lost and you weren´t impacting anyone… Read my full article from the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine. 

How to prepare for a media interview

How to prepare for a media interview

Being interviewed on TV or on the radio for the first time can be thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time. Is there anything you can do to prepare and make the most out of your media appearance? “Yes there is”, says Martin Luhan, the Czech TV and radio personality, whom I had a conversation with recently. Here’s a few very useful tips I extracted for you from the original interview conducted in Czech. 

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Jak se pripravit na rozhovor v médiích (in Czech)

První pozvání do studia rádia nebo televize v nás muze vybudit velké vzrusení a zároven i velkou nervozitu. Jak se pripravit, abyste co nejlépe vyuzili této prílezitosti, zaujmuli publikum a zároven si vás okamzik slávy dostatecne vychutnali? Práve na to jsem se zeptala Martina Luhana, ceské televizní a rozhlasové osobnosti a chci se s Vámi o tyto tipy podelit. Více o Martinovi najdete v textu na YouTube.

Pitching advice from X.GLU, the winners of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017

Wanna learn from the best? Here's your opportunity! Top 10 tips for pitching your idea from X.GLU, a team of students from the Czech Technical University in Prague that became the world winner of Microsoft Imagine Cup held in July 2017 in Seattle, USA. At the end of the interview you'll find a summary slide that you can use as your 'pitching-checklist'. Wishing you success!  

5 must-have tips for pitching to investors

Have you ever wondered what makes an investor tick? What are the things they look for when they consider making an investment? What makes them say ‘Yes’ to your business idea? This video gives you an unique opportunity to peek into the mind of not one but four investors so that next time you pitch your business you know how to get the investor's full attention ;)

3 things we can learn about public speaking from Jamie Oliver

Have you ever secretly wondered about what to do to make your audience love you? If so, you want to watch this video! We’ll be looking at the key traits of successful speakers and to give you some concrete examples, I chose to analyse one of my personal favourites… You’ll be surprised just how much you can learn from a…… chef!!!

Capture-your-audience checklist

If you are used to making business presentations, this question will be very much on your mind, or at least it should be: “What can I do to grab and keep my audience’s attention???” A lot of things, actually! And I am going to share a few of them with you so that the next time you get the chance to present, you rock! :) Use this checklist when you’re preparing for your presentation and then again right before you present.