Difficult conversations - part 1

If you manage people, you are likely to have a lot of difficult conversations with your peers, team members or your superiors and let's face it. If you get triggered and do not know how to manage it, things could get a little messy... Need a little help to prevent communication disasters from happening? The first of my mini-series of short videos on handling difficult conversations :)

WEBINAR: Powerful & Feminine, that's where the magic happens!

Today I have something very exciting to tell you! After all my one-way conversations with you via my video posts, finally I will be available for you LIVE! And this time, talking of feminine power and how you can leverage yours in business to become the boss you always wish you had! Watch my video and Register Today! It’s happening on Monday, 9th of September at 18.30. Join Us!

Time to wake up your feminine power!

If you’re just like other successful business women, it's likely you have developed a strong masculine side whilst your feminine side lays dormant inside you. Time for it to wake up, what do you think? Following up on my latest video ‘A dream career and/or a dream man’, here’s the tips I promised! Give it a try... Cultivating your inner feminine can have a tremendous impact on your relationships, both at work and at home. What's more, you'll find it deeply enriching and energising. After all, you’re a woman designed to shine in this world!

A dream career and/or a dream man?

All those years of hard work are finally paying off! You got a promotion, have been entrusted with more responsibility and a budget to build a brand new unit. Your boss has high expectations of you and you’re committed. You won’t let him down! You’re hyper-busy but loving it! Everything would be just perfect if it weren’t for the troubles back home... Your relationship is falling apart. Or, perhaps, you don’t even have one and the men who are interested are of no interest to you. Now what?!

So hard being a woman around here!


She was a product manager in a sector ladies don’t venture into that often. The only woman on the team. Intelligent, capable, hard-working. She loved her job yet she was exasperated, she didn’t see any future for herself in the company. Unfair treatment? Or was there something else ruining her career ambitions? Here’s my latest article in the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine on the power of beliefs and the impact of gender stereotyping on our success. Prefer to watch rather than read? Here’s my video.

Frustrated you’re getting unfair treatment at work?

“No matter what I say or do, they won’t take me seriously because I am a woman!” Do you also believe it’s hard to be a woman in the tough man’s world? You’re not alone! Many women feel it’s still more difficult to access the same job opportunities as their male colleagues, that they’re not treated as equals, make less money etc. I wonder, is it really as bad or is there something else that is ruining our career ambitions, ladies? Prefer to read rather than watch? Here’s my article from the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine.