Online training program for female managers who want to shine with their uniqueness, powerfully influence people and become inspiring leaders who never lose sight of who they are…Powerful & Feminine!


The program will help you...

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are when no one is looking, uncover your hidden gems and let your authentic self shine.

  • Develop true self-confidence, find your voice and become even more influential and inspiring.

  • Master the art of communication and relationships to build bridges with people rather than burn them.

  • Develop a powerful personal presence that commands trust and respect.

  • Find your unique speaking style and craft and deliver presentations that get you results and have your listeners hang onto your every word.


Is this for you?

If you have recently stepped into a leadership or a project management role, if you have ambition, drive and you’re committed to becoming a great leader and a role model to your team, this program is for you! We'll start building on your strengths and help you develop key skills and abilities to succeed in your new position.

If you have been in a leadership role for a while but feel you are not having the impact that you could, this program can help you! I will challenge you to step up your game, to tap into your inner potential and start doing new things. I will push you outside of your comfort zone which will feel scary and uncomfortable at times but we only learn by doing and often by doing even before we feel ready. But, do not worry. You won’t be in this alone. Your female colleagues and myself will be on this journey with you, supporting you every step of the way!


Your location doesn’t matter. Our meetings are online and live!

This program is not pre-recorded. All our sessions are live. We’ll be meeting in an online space for 90 minutes every week for a period of 12 to 24 weeks (depending on the program option of your choice). Busy or travelling at the time of our ‘live’ session? No trouble! The sessions will be recorded and you’ll be able to access them in a video and audio format during your own time.

A small group of women of different nationalities who share similar challenges…

You’ll be part of an intimate community of up to 10 women who, just like you, are committed to their growth as female leaders. Although every group is unique, chances are that you’ll be in the program with ladies from different parts of the world. Our participants value this greatly since it gives the program and the insights a multicultural flavour. Besides, you’ll expand your business network and well… network is everything! Who knows, you may even make friends for life. :)

We cover topics that… well, go beyond the usual!

Indeed, since this is a women-only group, we spend some time talking girl stuff… Hormones, men, feminine and masculine, and we’ll be bragging a lot about how wonderful we women are! :) Besides, because we’re women, the atmosphere of the group is that of openness and sharing and supporting each other through the good and the not so good. Life is not a bed of roses.

A final word of caution: This is intense!

And most definitely not for everyone… you need to be ready and willing to dive right into the depth of your psyche; to spend some time reflecting about your past and be ready when the old painful issues resurface; and to have your identity questioned in the process. Oof, not easy! You never know what you’ll find when you open pandora’s box. This is a hell of a ride in every sense of the word. Okay, you’ve been warned!

SHELeads Program Curriculum 

The program consists of three core modules. Each module contains four key topics/lessons. The program combines theory with practical exercises to help you assimilate and practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills. Each session builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous session; every step prepares you for the next one. It’s essential that you participate in the process fully from the start till the very end. Here is the curriculum and a detailed description of each module so you can make sure the program is right for you.










Feminine Self


















Virtual Comms





Great leadership starts with self-awareness. So, that’s the starting point of this training program. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your personality, your innate strengths and talents but also the darkness within you and things that block your potential. You’ll learn about the specific challenges that career women face both at the workplace and at home and how you can tap into your unique feminine power. We’ll look at your inner motivations, your long-term goals and your vision for life. The objective of this module is to set the foundations, help you feel grounded and self-assured, and raise your self-worth as a female leader.




Once the foundations are set, you’ll be ready to acquire new knowledge and build up fundamental emotional intelligence, communication and influencing skills. You'll learn the fundamentals of human dynamics, behavioural change and how to apply the principles of influence to increase your impact. You'll discover your communication style and how to communicate with people with different styles and personalities and in situations of conflict. You’ll find out how to create healthy boundaries with your co-workers and build credibility and trust.





The ability to speak in public is a ‘must’ for a leader. You always have to be ready to present your vision, products or services in both formal or informal settings. So, how do you grab people’s attention? How do you present complex ideas or turn boring topics into engaging presentations? How do you inspire action? In this module we’ll focus on building your confidence as a speaker. You’ll discover your unique speaking style and learn to craft presentations that capture the hearts and minds of your listeners and get real buy-in for your ideas!


How does it work?

Once you’re admitted into the program, you’ll be provided with a questionnaire to establish your priorities and development objectives. Some will be measurable, allowing you to track your progress; others will be subjective about how you wish to feel upon completion of the program. The better I understand where you are heading, the faster I can help you get there. We’ll be meeting online once a week and in between our sessions you will be asked to complete different assignments in order to put into practice all that you've learnt.

Customise your program

There are two options available: SHELeads Regular (12 weeks) and SHELeads Mastermind (24 weeks). SHELeads Mastermind gives you the opportunity to receive personalised mentoring and extra feedback by means of private sessions in order to accelerate your professional development. The prices of both options can be facilitated upon request.

Hear from some of SHELeads graduates

I met Alena at her workshop shortly after I was appointed as director of a company. I liked her presentation style and her content. I immediately felt that she was a woman who could understand my needs and offer a great advice, because she’s been in business for a long time. I quickly realized I was right and that I could learn a lot from her… In my new position I was facing a lot of new challenges and I knew more were to come. I wanted to be ready for them, handle them correctly and in my own authentic way. By which I mean leveraging my strengths, becoming aware of my weaknesses, and also of who I am as a person and a professional, identifying and empowering my own way of communicating and managing people, my working and presentation style, and living my life in general. And Alena and her program enabled me to do all of that. I enjoyed all parts of the program - learning about myself, about communication and public speaking. In the last two areas I had a lot of knowledge and skills already but thanks to Alena I was able to sharpen them and move to a new level. I learned and gained the most from the first part of the program. You see, you can find many courses about communication and public speaking, but they do not really guide you or help you get to know yourself better, identify your strengths, weaknesses, or obstacles that prevent you from achieving that you want. However, Alena’s program’s content and exercises helped me to identify all this and use it as a basis to develop my own communication and presentation style. I really enjoyed the whole program not only because of its content but also thanks to the other amazing ladies who were part of it. It was great to see the progress of all of us in real time week after week. If you want to get to the next level in your life and your career, I highly recommend Alena and her SHELeads Program.

- Jana Valušová
Director, GTS Alive, ISIC Czech Republic

I would like to thank Alena for the coaching she gave me during the SHELeads Program. The program helped me define who I am and find strengths that I didn’t even know I had. My new self-awareness allowed me to improve my leadership style, which finally benefited my organization as a whole. I learned a lot from Alena about dealing with leadership challenges and building a high-performing team. She helped me understand what it means to be an effective leader and a co-worker. If you are looking for professional development, I highly recommend Alena and her SHELeads Program!

-Anna Szwed
Business Unit Manager Ecophon & Saint-Gobain Ceilings for Czech Republic and Slovakia

I decided to enroll in the program because I wanted to improve my public speaking abilities, better organize my time and be more effective in general. I already knew Alena’s work so I had big expectations but I could hardly fathom the profound impact this program would have on my life, not only the professional but also my personal life. It had a very logical structure divided into modules, each session was packed with a highly relevant and valuable content. We shared our progress in a private group to get feedback and to inspire each other, which was very helpful. Alena was guiding us on our way to discover our unique, strong and powerful self with her authentic enthusiasm, careful listening and an open mind and heart. How many times do you have the possibility to stop and think about what really matters? During the three month program I enjoyed every single day discovering new things about myself, it is tough at times, especially when you uncover something negative you were completely blind to. But it is necessary to become conscious of it in order to grow. Do you really know who you are and which direction you want to follow in life? What your dreams and objectives are? Do you understand the needs of the people around you? Do you communicate with the right style and words to get your point across? Do you know how to make your presentations more impactful? Are you aware of your true feminine power and know how to leverage it? Alena will help you find the answers!

-Jitka Loucká
Executive Director, Hispano-Czech Chamber of Commerce, Spain

This program has definitively exceeded my expectations and to meet Alena has been a gift in my life. Besides being a great speaker, Alena is an admirable person and thanks to her tremendous support, commitment and precise recommendations, she has brought out the best in me. Not only have I dramatically increased my self-awareness, but I have learned invaluable techniques to boost my confidence, leaderships skills and to communicate with high impact. All these lessons learnt are definitively going to help me both in my professional and in my personal life. Without a doubt, I recommend it and for me it has been the most effective leadership program I have ever taken!

-Beatriz San Pedro Jiménez
Customer Experience and Process Transformation Leader, Orange Spain

I was asked by Alena to write a testimonial for her SheLeads Program. To be honest, I’d rather not because I can foresee what will happen. If I publish this testimonial, people will bend over backwards to enroll in her course, and as the crowds pour in and go through her course, other people will learn what I have learnt. But that’s invaluable, and actually, I do not want anyone to know! On the other hand, Alena has helped me so much that if this testimonial is how I can pay her back, it will be my pleasure to do so. So here we go: First, I would like to appreciate that the structure was meticulously prepared. I personally have put together hundreds of courses, and I have hardly ever seen anything thought through in such minute detail. After my initial grumbling about the webinar-style format, I had to admit it worked perfectly. Second, in the first part of the course, we were going through a very demanding and emotional self-discovery. And at this stage, I could rely on her, I could show my darkest and weakest sides, I could dismantle myself into tiny pieces without being scared that it would go public or that she would use it against me. And thanks to Alena I was able to put the “dismantled myself” back in place and the picture I got of me now is much clearer. Third, she was very supportive. She knew how to boost our energy, how to „pick us up” when we felt down and were giving up. She was interested, all the time, listening carefully, and then chipping in with her advice. And her advice was never shallow, or maybe sometimes it was, but it was for a good reason. Last but not least, Alena does not only teach something that she has learnt in another course, but she also lives that. She has hundreds of examples up her sleeve that perfectly illustrate the relevant issue, you can even learn a lot just by shadowing her. If I were to change something about the course, I would welcome a short one- or two-week break in between the modules to have more time to ruminate about what I have learnt and get it more under my skin. To conclude, this course was a huge leap forward in my career and I am honestly grateful for it.

-Ivana Hrubá
Expert in legal translation, English communication skills, intercultural communication and the Head of Belisha Beacon

I entered Alena's program as a fresh and insecure leader. Looking back, it was one of the best decision I've ever made. I learned so much about myself. About my strengths and weaknesses, my communication style and patterns and so much more! I was able to consciously work with all this new information and insights, becoming more present and effective. The SHELeads Program helped me and my work in tremendous ways! I found confidence and I'm able to communicate in much more effective ways than before. What's more, I am happier, my team is happier and our project is thriving. I finally feel like I am in control of myself and the situations around me. And that is all thanks to Alena and her SHELeads Program!

-Marianna Slováková
Project Manager, Rostlinne.cz


Register today

Registrations for the fourth iteration of SHELeads are now opened. The live program commences on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. If you’re interested and wish to know whether the program is the right fit for you, get in touch or book a chat with me directly. Hurry, the group is limited to 10 participants!

How much time will you need?

On average, the participants spend between 4 to 8 hours a week (over and above our weekly group session) to review the course material, videos, as well as to complete their assignments and engage with their fellow female colleagues and myself through our online community. The program is intense, especially the first month during which we lay the foundation. There will be certain topics that you will want to explore in more depth and that will also require additional time. It’s clear: if you wish to get the most out of the program, you’ll need to put in time and effort. It is quite a ride but if you board the train, you won’t regret it!


SHELeads Mastermind

This is an option that goes well beyond SHELeads Regular. It allows you to get private time with me to address specific challenges that you’re facing at work and expand your skill set in the area of your choice (related to this program, of course) and to receive group mentoring for an additional 12 weeks following completion of the three modules of SHELeads Regular. The objective is for you to continue improving your competencies, putting them into practice, seeing results, growing more confident and repeating the process. During this time you will participate in mastermind sessions with your fellow colleagues and other SHELeads graduates every two weeks in which you’ll be able to express specific topics/situations/challenges that you face, brainstorm ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.


On top of all that, participants of SHELeads Mastermind will receive an extra 6 months of group mentoring through the SHELeads online community with monthly LIVE ONLINE sessions, regular updates, video resources, online debates, guest talks and webinars.


We won’t let you give up!

Whenever we start something new, we’re ecstatic! We feel highly motivated and excited by the prospect of the future better version of ourselves. But then reality hits. We’re faced with obstacles, we have a lot of assignments to do, time is running short, we have to put theory into action. We realise this is not as easy as we thought. Let’s face it, things get scary, we get impatient and doubts start to creep in. Can I actually pull through? Don’t worry - you’re not in this alone. You’ll have the support of the community through each and every step. We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders; we’ll keep reminding you of why you’re here and doing this in the first place. We won’t let you give up!


It’s all up to you now!

If you are ready to let your uniqueness shine, powerfully influence people and transform into an inspiring leader, this program will help you do just that! That’s my promise to you!