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If you're a startup founder, we'll work together to take your business pitch from good to great! Let’s face it. Even the best ideas may die if potential customers, business partners or investors don’t see their brilliance. In our work together I'll help you sell your idea in a winning pitch! A pitch that will get you the partnerships and the money you need to turn your vision into reality! 

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At the end of this 6-Week 1-on-1 coaching you will:

  • Have a winning pitch ready to attract investors.
  • Understand what it is an investor must see, think and feel about you & your business before they say “YES”.
  • Know how to describe your business idea in a compelling manner in less than 1 minute.
  • Be able to articulate and demonstrate uniqueness of your business.  
  • Empower your presence on and off-stage to make sure you are seen, heard and remembered long after your pitch.


1 session of 90 minutes per week, for 6 weeks

Introductory session of 60 minutes during which we'll agree on your specific development objectives and goals

Weekly check-ins via email

Weekly review of assigned tasks or video recordings

Training materials (assignments, checklists, handouts, recommended reading lists)

Action development plan 


In person or over Skype (Google Hangouts or FaceTime)

Ad-hoc coaching

180€ per 60-minute session