Sounds familiar?

  • You landed your first management position and find it exciting but unnerving.
  • Feelings of insecurity and self-doubt creep in: "Am I up good enough?"

  • It's challenging to find your voice as a leader and speak your mind.

  • And to navigate and maintain your calm in male-dominated high stakes situations.

  • You want to get more authority and respect from your team members.

  • You know you have the potential!

  • And you know it's time to upgrade your skills in order to build your influence and make great things happen!


Yep, I've been there...


I understand you. I committed the worst possible mistakes as a new manager. I wasn't ready, worse still, I didn't know I wasn't...

I have seen many of my female clients struggling with the same when transitionining into leadership. And I've observed many others already in top management. Female leadership fascinates me and I truly believe that we need more ladies in the boardrooms!


I also believe that many of us get it wrong! We often run the show as a man in a skirt. We forget that as women we posess unique qualities that can enrich our leadership.


And not only that. Harnessing our feminine powers we can experience more calm, happier relationships and personal satisfaction. What kind of leader do you choose to become?


About The Lady Boss: Powerful yet Feminine...

12-weeks online program for female managers who want to leave a footprint in their own authentic and feminine way! Designed to help you shine your unique self, and to increase your capacity to powerfully influence people, inspire action and have a more positive impact on the world around you. 


You will learn...

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are when no one is looking, uncover the hidden gems in you and let your authentic self shine
  • Learn to communicate in a way that builds bridges with people rather than burns them, commands trust and respect and sets the groundwork for healthy working relationships.

  • Learn to craft and deliver presentations that get results. Understand your unique speaking style and develop a powerful personal presence (on and off-stage) that opens the door for your message to come across. Learn to structure your presentation to have your listeners hang onto your every word, get your point across to different audiences and make it stick in their mind. Learn to deal with difficult situations react to their questions & objections.

  • You'll be part of a small, intimate community of international women who face similar challenges and who are eager to connect, share insights and experiences and mutually support each other on each other's journeys. 


Is this for you?

If you're a newly appointed manager, team leader or a project leader (employed or working independently) with drive and ambition who is committed to becoming a great female leader and a role model to her team, this program is for you! We'll start building on your strengths and developing the key skills and abilities to be and feel great in your new role. If you're someone who has been in the leadership role for a while but feel you‘re not having the impact that you could have, this program can help you! I will challenge you to step up your game, do things that feel uncomfortable, even scary at times, I will encourage you to practice by doing even before you feel you're ready, because I know that we only learn by doing and by committing errors. I'll be on this journey with you, through the good and the tough because my success is your success! That's my promise to you!


What does the program include? 


What do they say?


What's your investment?

The investment for xxx is xxx payable prior to commencement of the program. Detailed information is provided upon your registration. 


Don't leave without becoming part of our Powerful & Feminine community!