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All my trainings or keynote speeches are tailored to your specific needs and business context. We’ll start by looking at your current situation and what is it you would like to see happen and then define the most appropriate steps to get there.


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How can you help your leaders to have a bigger impact and use their unique skills and talents to make your company stronger? Do they have the right skill set to gain people's trust, to get people excited about their business vision? Are they perceived as credible and valuable business partners by their customers and their peers? Help your business leaders and they'll help your company grow!


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Over the years I have been fortunate to speak at countless international events and conferences for corporations as well as business associations of different type. I am a passionate speaker, and I love to engage my audience with real life stories and a spark of humour. I deliver speeches on a range of topics including Speak to Inspire, Speak to Get a Yes! and Master the Art of Business Seduction. I am an active member of Toastmasters International, and I run the Public Speakers, Trainers and Coaches Club in Prague (Czech Republic).


Alena masters the art of communication and personal branding!
— Jean-Louis Richard, Director, Amadeus Global Customer Service Amadeus IT Group

We needed to reinforce the message that Customer Service is a critical element of the value chain and that the services we provide are key to the success of our business and our customers’ business. As such, we need to be proud of what we do, and communicate in a powerful yet non arrogant way. Alena spent several sessions understanding our problem, and what we were trying to achieve before proposing a tailored approach. She gave our team some simple yet powerful communications tools to help structure our communication, as individuals and as a team. She really listened to what we had to say, adapted her service to what we were trying to address, and delivered it in a non-threatening, yet charismatic and disruptive way that caught everyone’s attention. She demonstrated exactly what she was encouraging us to do ourselves. The experience as a whole was Excellent! I would absolutely recommend Alena! 

Alena is an excellent communications professional!
— Mgr. Nerea Olabegoya, MBA, Partner and Director at Qualo

During her course 'Fall in Love with Sales', she clarified a lot of important concepts I could apply in my business. It was well worth it to attend. She organized it in reduced groups, so she really focused on each personal case.

Alena, the woman of the future lives here in our recent times. She is Intelligent, Methodic, Sparking-Smart, Professional, Results-Oriented and Well-Skilled. Do you want to know it yourself? Try then, you will agree with me.
— Joaquin Boston, President of the International Board of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners ( Entreps )