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You can choose to work with me over a period of time or on an ad hoc basis before an important pitch or business presentation. First, we'll have an introductory meeting (face-to-face or online) because the chemistry between us has to work in order for these sessions to be successful. I only work with people who are highly committed and ready to put their time, energy and effort into learning and practicing fundamental skills. If you are looking for in-company training, please see my corporate training page to find out how I can help your company leaders move their communication to the next level.

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60-minutes 1-on-1

We'll have 60 minutes together to go through whatever challenges, questions or blocks you may have when it comes to your interpersonal and speaking skills. We can cover any topic: from how to communicate and inspire your team, to knowing what to say and how to say it when presenting your idea, project or solution to your organisation or your customers. 

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Half-Day Intensive Session

This is your option if you have a specific project coming up, be it a business presentation or a conference speech and you have a limited time to prepare! In this intensive 1-on-1 session we’ll focus on the parts you need help with the most. Either structuring your presentation and defining key content or making an impact with your delivery. 

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6-Week Training Program

This is your option if you want to advance your interpersonal and speaking skills. Develop your charisma for the stage (or the boardroom). This 1-on-1 program will help you empower your presence as a speaker and design and deliver presentations that inspire. You'll learn to be truly memorable, captivate your listeners and move them to action!