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This program is designed to help you develop your power to speak and inspire step-by-step. We'll start with the essentials. Understanding what makes a good presentation and a good presenter truly great and inspiring and the preparatory work this entails. You'll learn how to create a flow with vital messages and content that will make your listeners hang on your every word; how to balance simplicity with detail when presenting complex concepts. You'll discover why it's so important to connect with your listeners emotionally and how to do it. We'll talk about visuals and how to make them support your key messages without distracting your audience. You'll learn how to write your notes, get advice on rehearsing, preparing for the unexpected and keeping your nerves in check. And finally, we'll spend time on your charismatic delivery! How to present to stand out from the crowd, to captivate and be memorable! That's what will help you get the results you desire!

At the end of this 6-Week 1-on-1 Training you will:

  • Feel more confident, powerful and inspiring as a speaker and more comfortable to talk to and manage larger audiences. 
  • Increase your personal magnetism, your charisma, and with it your power to positively influence people and move them to action.
  • Feel more accomplished and credible as a person and a professional, ready to move to the next level. 


1 session of 90 minutes per week, for 6 weeks

Introductory session of 60 minutes during which we'll agree on your specific development objectives and goals

Weekly check-ins via email

Weekly review of assigned tasks or video recordings

Training materials (assignments, checklists, handouts, recommended reading lists)

Action development plan 


In person or over Skype (Google Hangouts or FaceTime)