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This is your session to resolve any questions or doubts you might have not only related to business presentations and public speaking but with effective communication in general, I can provide specific insights on how to inspire your team; how to talk to potential customers to spark their interest; how to communicate with existing customers to turn them into raving fans; or how to communicate about you and your professional achievements to strengthen your credibility and reputation. 

At the end of this 1-on-1 session you will:

  • Have your burning questions answered.
  • Get powerful insights, recommendations and resources.
  • Get a ‘Personal Development Game Plan’ to take your skills to the next level! 


A 60-minute session

Handouts, online articles or other references (if applicable) 

Personal development plan 


In person or over Skype (Google Hangouts or FaceTime)

In preparation for our session, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and/or record a short video. That way I'll have prior information about you and your business and we’ll dive straight into the subject, maximising our time together.