Hi! I’m Alena. Trainer and speaker by profession and vocation. A globetrotter, sports enthusiast and an optimist, with an insatiable curiosity about people, life and business.

My professional background is in the corporate arena with roles in marketing, sales and communication in a variety of sectors including IT, travel and tourism, wellness and beauty. I was fortunate to have lived and worked in five countries across Europe and Asia. It was through my entrepreneurship experience and through overcoming my own struggles as an entrepreneur and introvert, that I was inspired to start my communication business, which has turned into a lifelong passion.

I have since worked with hundreds of individual and corporate clients on developing their communication, public speaking and influencing skills. In the past two years I have focused on working with female executives and truly speaking, that’s probably the most fulfilling work that I have ever done. It’s where I pour my heart and soul into. I developed SHELeads, a program to help women shine with their uniqueness, powerfully influence people and become inspiring leaders who never loose sight of who they are… The program combines all of my professional experience (corporate and entrepreneurial), my sales, marketing and public speaking skills, my study of human psychology, learning from my mentors and my own life’s journey.

Things I am really proud of…

If I should choose a few (besides the SHELeads Program and our wonderful graduates), then it must be speaking at the TEDx UNYP 2017 conference, winning the second place in the 2018 Czech National Championship of Public Speaking, and coaching X.GLU, a team from the Czech Technical University to win the world title at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 in Seattle, USA (in collaboration with Presenation.com).

I am regularly asked to speak at industry events and conferences. I participate at The International Board of Entrepreneurs, Entreps.org, run The Public Speakers, Trainers and Coaches Club in Prague and I am an active member of Toastmasters International.

I contribute to various magazines and newspapers including Czech & Slovak Leaders and Business Woman. You can read my articles and watch my videos on the blog.

Educational background

My background is in Business Administration and Languages. I am also trained in disciplines such as Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching & Mentoring, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Leadership, Negotiation, Online Marketing & Branding, The Enneagram and Instinctual Variants of the nine personality types. Not to forget, I have been certified as an Enlightened Warrior and Guerrilla Marketeer :)


And here’s the unofficial part for the curious minds…

I spent years working primarily with men. They were the ones in my training courses, the ones demanding my consulting services - company founders and corporate executives going to international conferences. I loved it! I found it very natural to interact with men. I loved the directness of it and the effectiveness and efficiency of our communication. No messing around!

But then an existential crisis hit me. I was stressed and overworked and my personal life crumbed to pieces. I hit the rock bottom. It was time to stop and think what has gone wrong in my life. I had to face a very ugly truth about whom I became through the years of dedicating my life to the pursue of professional goals. My way of life and being took a toll on me and my relationships, I became the hardened professional woman… (I’m sure you know what I mean). As I started to lift myself off the ground and work on certain aspects of myself (including my long abandoned feminine), I felt the urge to surround myself by women whose company I never actively sought before. And, surprise, surprise! I don’t believe in coincidences... I got my first request for a training for an all-female team, and then another and another. What a change! I found the company of women profoundly energising and satisfying. On getting to know many of my female clients well beyond the professional realm, I realised with great sadness that many were facing issues I knew only too well…

Many of us women, who actively pursue a career in management, are well in tune with our masculine side. We are driven, independent, ambitious, action and results-focused. We know what we want and we go and get it. And that’s all fabulous! As women in business, we need the ability to connect with and use our masculine energy effectively because it helps us get stuff done and achieve more at work. But it’s equally important that we never abandon ourselves, that we spend time cultivating our feminine side because that’s the source of our inner flame, that’s where our true power lies! We have to bring more of our innate feminine essence to our life and to our business. Not only we’ll feel more authentic but the people around us, our teams, our customers, will feel it and greatly appreciate it!

So, that’s how it all started…

I took it as my mission to help professional women succeed in their managerial endeavours but never forget who they are. And that’s how the SHELeads Program was born! Its already fourth edition will see the day of light in the first week of October and I am so profoundly grateful for it!


6 random facts about me

  • I love a healthy, sporty lifestyle but occasionally succumb to a delicious piece of chocolate cake.

  • I am an ex-ballroom dancer and on the odd occasion you may still spot me places letting my hair down in the middle of the dance floor.

  • I adore Prague and its countless little cafes perfect to savour the moment and a good book (and a delicious piece of chocolate cake! :)

  • I am Czech from the spa/film town of Karlovy Vary and I am still making friends with my native country after 22 years spent living abroad.

  • I have an insatiable curiosity about people and life; I don’t own a TV and prefer to be the star of my own TV show :)

  • I have been trained as an ‘Enlightened Warrior’ in the tropical forrest of Malaysia.


Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to get in touch with me and who knows, perhaps something beautiful can emerge from this interaction! Love, Alena


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